15 Encouragements To Never Be Afraid

Never be afraid when life is scary, because the mind provides options, and can steer the heart past fear toward courage, which is hope, a faithful ally. Never be afraid of stepping out of a boat when the one who owns the ocean is ready to hold you afloat. .

And another like it. Never be afraid of climbing out on a limb when there is someone ready to catch you should you fall. Never be afraid to smile when you’re tempted to frown, for a frown disempowers everyone, but with a smile you’ll warm anyone open to possibilities.

Never be afraid of being caught in a situation you know you can only be vindicated in. Never be afraid of letting someone off the hook when they expect condemnation; that moment they see jesus. Never be afraid of giving yourself up as if that’s the only way to joy; the quickest, surest way to joy is to disappear to yourself.

Never be afraid to take a risk in the present for a future that invests in people. Never be afraid of saying no, for in saying no power rises for saying yes. Never be afraid in the midst of terror, in the face of anxiety, for the heart has piqued the mind for some reason, and it’s the mind’s task to discover it.

Never be afraid to listen, for knowledge is only gained when we listen, and ignorance is proffered to those who don’t. Never be afraid to give up something bad to gain something good, because something good always comes when we give up something bad. Never be afraid when time collides and priorities swarm, where resources are swallowed up.

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” never be afraid as a new season approaches, because change leaves us feeling isolated, but change is the only way we can be liberated. Never be afraid when you feel small and insignificant. Get it? never be afraid.

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