15 Encouragements To Never Be Afraid

Never be afraid when life is scary, because the mind provides options, and can steer the heart past fear toward courage, which is hope, a faithful ally. Never be afraid of stepping out of a boat when the one who owns the ocean is ready to hold you afloat. . And another like it. Never … Read more

Future: You Are Responsible For It

A farmer went out to plant bean seeds one day and at the end of the planting season, he discovered he had done everything wrongly. He was angry and gave up on his effort. He gave the farm to another man, who saw his mistake and corrected it. In life things happen in ways that … Read more

Tolerations Steal Productivity

A few years ago, i hired a personal coach. She taught me a wonderful concept that i have used to this day. A toleration is something that drains our time and energy. The problem is that we all tend to tolerate the things that drain our time, energy and patience. We dig through closets looking … Read more

Coaching The Poor In Your Community!

Have you ever walked downtown and noticed homeless people panhandling or sifting through garbage looking for something to eat? how sad it that! are they mentally ill, addicts or have they made bad choices? how do you really know? have you walked in their shoes? did you say a silent prayer of thanks that you … Read more

Your Meaning Not Be Theirs

” maybe you’ve said it. Honestly, i bet i’ve said it. In so many variations. I won’t belabor that now. I will, however, say that words matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying “purple is the most amazing color” or “purple’s the ugliest color ever” or “does the san andreas fault makes me look fat?” … Read more

Forgiveness Is Important

The other day i was talking to someone who spoke about what a friend of theirs had done in the past and it was clear that they hadn’t been able to move on from what had happened. A number of years had passed since that time, but it was as if it had happened the … Read more