Have You Ever Fallen For An Illusion?

An illusion is when something appears to be real, but is just a trick on the eyes or senses to make our minds believe something that is really not. This year i have made significant strides in progressing towards my goals. I have developed new disciplines and habits, continue kicking fear where it hurts, and … Read more

How To Tame Your Inner Critic

What do you do? read on for highlights. Your inner critic will always be there to say unkind and negative things about you. Your challenge is to tame this inner critic and make it talk gently and soothingly. So what steps do you take? justify yourself how you are feeling in the moment. Good, bad … Read more

This Guy Gets To The Root Of The Issue

In a previous article, i mentioned someone who i met after i helped a friend move house. This was someone called wain, and since our paths crossed in the middle of 2015, a number of thought-provoking conversations have been had. It doesn’t end there, though, as what i think about after we have spent time … Read more