You, Me & Bill Gates

I attended a leadership event earlier this week where stedman graham and steve farber spoke on love and believing in yourself and others. It was truly powerful and i met some amazing people, including this former nfl player, kassim osgood he stood up and told us how he had a hard time believing in himself … Read more

You Just Need To Love Yourself!

Over the years, i have heard people say to others that they ‘just need to love themselves’, or words to that effect. Along with this, i have come across numerous posts online where the same thing has been said. Self-love is then presented as something that someone can experience by simply loving themselves. With the … Read more

3 Lessons From Hip Hop!

I have been loving the hip hop dance class i’ve been going to! i’ve always loved dancing so there’s that perk, and that it’s a great workout, but i had no idea how much of a mental workout it would be!! sudoku and crosswords move over, we’ve got an new mental workout in town! what … Read more

No Space For Pain

A child’s mind cannot comprehend the basic difference between ‘so called’ right and wrong values. We at the tender age of five or six years cannot differentiate between the thoughts and the reality. On growing up when our psychological and philosophical selves are shaped up, we develop a better insight into our lives. Being a … Read more

Why We Never Need To Be Good Enough

Preaching a message recently on jesus being the author of gender equality reinforced an idea: i will never be good enough to preach such a message. You see, i will always be a man. I will always see from an unbalanced viewpoint – either too much for women or too much against, or just unable … Read more

Noticing Positives

We are living in a world that can be scary and full of unknowns. Never before has there been anything exactly like the covid-19 pandemic that has been terrorizing the entire world. Governments have followed recommendations of researchers and health experts in ways that have changed our entire lifestyles. At the same time, however, i … Read more