How Important Are Job References?

If you are wondering if employers still solicit and read resumes, the answer is most certainly yes. Furthermore, even in the 21st century where standards for employment have seemingly changed beyond all recognition, resumes still need to get filled out. And, sure enough, your prospective employer will still insist on reading them. What definitely has … Read more

Holding Up The Universe

Experience has granted credence to the idea that life is not a bed of roses and perhaps it is as a result of this knowledge that we have, to some extent, stopped expecting it to be one. And so we toil, nursing the hope that sweat will give rise to success. When things seem to … Read more

Why Not Aspire To Be Me?

Dear person, have you ever been in the situation where you hear someone wistfully say, ‘so-and-so is the kind of [insert profession here] i aspire to be’ and thought, ‘why doesn’t anyone aspire to be me?’? well, i have. Plenty of times. If i got a dollar for every time someone said that and not … Read more