Don’T Let Yourself Be Used

I, as well as all of you, have had to step into a different type of lifestyle in the last several weeks. The “stay at home” lifestyle. This has been a scary, unusual and frustrating existence. We are not used to living this way and it just doesn’t feel right. The days of the week … Read more

How To Deal With Change

Or she is leaving for good to stay with her soul mate in their own home. Or your hubby is filing a divorce. All these are drastic changes – something difficult to cope. Yet allow a tiny ray of hope to enter your mind, focus on it and it will enlarge. You will be feeling … Read more

Critical Thinking: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Be Drawn To Conspiracy Theories?

There are those that more or less believe everything they hear from the mainstream media and the authority figures that are in the public eye, and then there are those that are the complete opposite. The former can view the latter as being ‘conspiracy theorists’, while the latter can view the former as being ‘sheep’. … Read more

Courage Through Danger (Season One)

I started working as a stringer for different media. The era was rich in events. There was enormous flooding in 2010. That’s the one i preferred. They pushed me and jostled and broke my camera. I refused. “there is no really safe place for a woman in pakistan” “there is no really safe place for … Read more