You Can’T Save Your Parents

When i first got into self-development, i shared a lot of what i had learnt with my parents. This was partly because i wanted to share what i had learnt and partly because i thought it could help them. I soon came to see that i was wasting my time, and that it was far … Read more

3 Steps To Removing The Cost Of Fear

Fear is one of the most paralyzing emotions we can feel and attempt to overcome. Its ability to cause the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat is powerful. It disturbs, distracts and delays. In our careers, it challenges the perception of our success, and delays our ability … Read more

How To Set Up A Think Tank

Ever felt anxiety or worry over something? instead you should do something else. Instead of worrying or feeling anxious, you should set up a think tank within you to come to your solutions. So how do you set up this think tank? if your thoughts are scattered and negative, it’s time to empty your mind … Read more