Life’S Surprises

When i moved to medicine hat twenty-five years ago, i had no idea that i would love this city so much. Over the years, i have been able to build good relationships with wonderful people and build a business. My first two residential purchases ever were made here. How i have loved the view of … Read more

Passion Over A Lifetime

Her first word after i issued the invitation was “who?” i explained that when i grew up we would look forward to the “ian and sylvia” show. Sometimes i kind of forgot my own age and the fact that not everyone has had the same experiences – especially my children. Ian tyson debuted in a … Read more

Simple Ways Of Fighting Laziness

Laziness can come in the way of getting things done and drag you from achieving your goals. This is because when laziness takes effect, you will end up procrastinating things you were supposed to do for later and this can end up in a cycle meaning that you get less and less things done. If … Read more

Humans Beings Have Been Conditioned To Be

There will also have been the government, the media, and there might have even been different religious leaders. Now, i don’t believe that there is anything wrong with authority figures per se, as we all need to be guided from time to time. However, i believe that problems arise when we listen to everything that … Read more