Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me

In the bible, pontius pilate (the roman governor) found no wrongdoing with jesus. Jesus was then sent to herod who also found nothing wrong with what he did or preached. Finally, pilate asked the people, “what shall he do with jesus,” and they replied, “crucify him! crucify him!” the “him” being referred to isthe son … Read more

Let That Delay Fire You Up

How soon will it come to pass? what can i do quickly to accelerate this retarded movement of mine? why am i moving at a very slow pace? why are all the people around me progressing and i have no clue to the cause of my stagnancy? if you have taken time to brood on … Read more

Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You!

I had the best time speaking for ashrm (the acadiana society of human resource management) earlier this week! the people were so kind, and the food in louisiana is delicious!! what i also loved was how open these folks were at looking at how much self-care makes a difference for them, their teams and their … Read more

This And You Will Be Happy

When i used to play football at school, i used to see other people wear expensive football boots – the ones that the professionals wore – and think about how good i would be if i had them. I thought that wearing these boots would instantly make me a better player. This showed that i … Read more

No One Can Define You But You

I came across these words today and they stuck to me like glue: “your value does not decrease based upon someone’s inability to see your worth”. When despite all your efforts, they only see you as worthless and of no use. That’s okay! you cannot blame them, everyone has a right to believe what they … Read more

The True Meaning Of Digging Deeper

What if i told you that you could have what you want in life, but you’re going to have to work harder? you wouldn’t be too happy. Perhaps you’d roll your eyes or give me an exasperated huff. You already work hard. Well, what if i told you that i acknowledged that you’re working hard, … Read more