Working From Home Efficiently

Okay, i admit it. I do not transition very well. For years i have built my business providing face-to-face sessions in my office. Now, due to the covid-19 i have had to mentally and physically operated my practice from my condo. It took a few days until i was psychologically ready to do this. Now, … Read more

Courage Through Danger (Season Two)

The authorities ceded an air base to us forces following the 9/11 attacks. The demonstrators were protesting against the use of this base to carry out strikes in afghanistan. The police charged, beating the protesters with sticks and firing tear gas. There were 14 wounded and 200 arrests. The police did not discriminate against all … Read more

Walls Can Trap Us

My pedicurist is so wise! at my last appointment she was talking about how people can be imprisoned by unresolved issues. Roxanne placed her hand at chest level with palm down as she explained that trouble comes and the individual doesn’t do anything to resolve it. She then used the other hand and, with palm … Read more