How Do You See Yourself?

Over a year ago, i was speaking to a friend called wain, and we were talking about what we were working on at that stage in our life. It was during this time that he went a little bit deeper and was curious to know how i perceived myself. So, when i said that i … Read more

I Ended Up Getting Defensive

Whilst i was helping a friend to move house a number of years ago, i ended up meeting someone there who was into self-development. It didn’t take long for me to see that we had a lot in common. Another reason however, while i had everything worked out in my mind and believed that we … Read more

Death, How Mean Thou Art

On a hill far away stood that old rugged demon, an emblem of suffering and shame. “why have you done this? this was not our agreement! why should you leave us alone? how do you expect us to cope with living without you? does it mean we will not see again in this life? god, … Read more