Being Conceited And Arrogant

Arrogance, in other words, haughtiness is known as considering oneself superior in comparison to others and acting with this negative pride. In the roots of such a character lies the belief that one has the idea of possessing the things that cause him to feel superior although they have actually been given to him as … Read more

Work Smart Rather Than Hard

So many times, i hear individuals tell me that they wished they had done something but didn’t, forgot an event or just feel overwhelmed with life! there is good news! with a little effort, you can turn your calendar into a tool that relieves stress and makes you feel organized all year round. Here are … Read more

Things Happen

Boxer mike tyson once said: “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. It is interesting that most of us think life should be peaceful and predictable without any problems or crises. But that isn’t realistic. There are a number of things that can happen which throw us into a “tizzy”: 1. … Read more

Beliefs Drive Behaviours

Over time, even though the elephant grows to more than 5,000 pounds and has considerable strength, it has a belief that it cannot move beyond what the length of the chain allows. It has been conditioned. As humans, we also are conditioned. And growing older does not necessarily mean that we are wiser. We tend … Read more