Authority Figures: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Set Them Up To Have Trouble With Authority Figures?

This will mean that, in general, they won’t retract and neither will they have the need to take up too much space. In other words, they will feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Through being able to relax, who they are will come out and they will be able to create a good impression.

But even if they already have a job, there is the chance that there are people above them. Being able to act normal around these people is likely to make their job a whole lot easier. Said another way, one is not going to give their power away to anyone regardless of what position they hold.

Naturally, this is going to be the sensible way to behave as all authority figures are fallible human beings at the end of the day. Therefore, to see them as perfect beings that know everything wouldn’t be wise. People will present information and one will come to their own conclusion.

Ultimately, one will have a brain and they will want to use it, as opposed to outsourcing their brain to others. The reason if their caregivers are still alive, there is the chance that one will have a good relationship with them. What this can show is that these people treated them with respect during their early years, which is why one respects them now.

It will then be clear that there is a difference between them, with them being their caregivers and not their friends, but that difference won’t have meant that one was treated as though they were less-than human. These people would have prepared them for the outside world. Another reality now, while there will be people in the world that typically don’t have a problem with authority figures, there will be others that do.

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When someone does have a problem with them, it can be a challenge for them to be themselves when they are in the company of one. Irrespective of whether the former or the latter occurs, it is bound to lead to problems. One outcome if they typically lose themselves when they are in the presence of an authority figure, it could mean that they are used to being walked over.

If they were to go for a job interview, they could become a nervous wreck. Expressing who they are will be a challenge and, once the interview is over, they could wonder what happened to them. If they already have a job, it might be a challenge for them to offer their input and they might be too scared to ask for a raise.

If they had a job interview lined up, they might not even turn up; but if they did, they could leave a bad impression. If they have a job, each day could be filled with drama and one could make it extremely unpleasant for most of the people that come into contact with them. Regression one way of looking at both of these examples would be to say that this is what takes place when someone regresses to an earlier stage of their life.

This stops them from being able to be present and to see an authority figure as just another human being. When this happens, one will have lost their awareness and see an authority figure as their parent. Their inner parent will be projected onto the other person and they will then react to their own projection.

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A closer look during their early years, one might not have been shown the love, care and respect that they needed. If they collapse and become passive when they are around an authority figure, it could show that it wasn’t safe for them to stand up for themselves at this time and, if they become aggressive when they are around an authority figure, it could show that there were moments when they did feel safe enough to stand up for themselves. Their caregivers would have trained them to have a dysfunctional view of authority.

This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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