Being Conceited And Arrogant

Arrogance, in other words, haughtiness is known as considering oneself superior in comparison to others and acting with this negative pride. In the roots of such a character lies the belief that one has the idea of possessing the things that cause him to feel superior although they have actually been given to him as a trust by allah almighty. Arrogant people try to claim that these things are their own possessions, heedlessly ignoring the real owner, allah almighty.

As a result of this belief, they overrate themselves and see themselves in a superior status, and begin to look down on others conceitedly. A conceited person does not give thanks to allah because giving thanks encompasses the appreciation of the bestower of the blessings one has. However, there are many divine reasons why certain blessings are given to us.

As a result of arrogance, some disgraceful characteristics like hypocrisy, haughtiness, pride, self-admiration, false accusation and envy come about. In one of his hadiths, our beloved prophet (pbuh) once said,” “pride, in other words, arrogance is to denounce or deny the truth and to despise or to look down on people. ” pride is a demonic trait.

Due to being arrogant and prideful, he disobeyed the order and was expelled from the paradise. Since a person cannot even resist and is beaten by a minute microbe that is not visible, and he is not able to make even the smallest thing he is in need of, it is funny and foolish of such a person to consider himself superior and display arrogance before his creator. Expediency expediency or in other terms self-seeking means holding one’s own advantage or interest above everything and pursuing his own ends and interests all the time.

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This form of moral quality is certainly contrary to the essence and mystery of sincerity that a muslim should have. A person should do everything bearing allah almighty in mind, and in his undertakings, almighty allah’s pleasure should be his real objective. Every job that is not done for the sake of allah almighty, but for the sake of self-fulfillment and self-interest loses sincerity, thus, it is rejected by allah almighty.

Self-seeking leads to other bad conducts and to unlawful situations. Self-seeking people cannot establish a sincere relationship and friendship with other people. It is because the advantages or benefits they try to gain from this friendship compel them to behave hypocritically.

People in whose character expediency has become an inseparable element cannot be good parents, nor can they be good spouses or good friends.

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