Coaching The Poor In Your Community!

Have you ever walked downtown and noticed homeless people panhandling or sifting through garbage looking for something to eat? how sad it that! are they mentally ill, addicts or have they made bad choices? how do you really know? have you walked in their shoes? did you say a silent prayer of thanks that you are not where they are now? have you given any thought to the millions of people who work yet cannot make ends meet? are you one of them? how can you make an impact and change someone’s life living in poverty? maybe, even your own? are you concerned that you don’t have any time or energy to spare? what if i told you that it only takes a few minutes of your time? if you watched a great movie or had dinner in an excellent restaurant you would share this information, right? telling people about the benefits of coaching works on the same principle. Let’s review some of the benefits of having a coach in the event you have never worked with one before. Coaches help you to: do you due diligence and look for organizations that are dedicated to helping the poor.

Be part of the solution to help those living in poverty! it’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny. -jean nidetch.

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