Critical Thinking: Do We Need To Stop Using The Term ‘Mental Illness’?

This could have taken place after they did some research online, or it could be the result of what their doctor has said to them. Along with this, it might also be a challenge for them to handle how they feel. It can then be as though they are all at sea within and that they don’t have the ability to handle their own emotions.

However, regardless of what someone is going through, what is clear is that it is going to stop them from being able to appreciate their time on this earth. The key area it can then be as though what is going on inside their head is the problem and, if this was to change, their whole life would change. There will then be the negative thoughts and feelings and behind all this will be an imbalance when it comes to their neurotransmitters.

For some unknown reason, their brain won’t be functioning as it should. So, in the same way that there is physical illness, they will have what is known as a ‘mental illness’. And as it can be normal for them to take a pill when their body is not functioning in the right way, it will then be normal for them to take a pill if their brain is playing up.

The perfect scenario it is surely a dream come true for the drug industry to have so many people on the planet who believe that their inner challenges are result of a chemical imbalance in their brain. Having said that, they have undoubtedly played a part in this, so it’s not as though it just happened. For a while now, the drug industry has played a big part in the kind of relationship that so many people have with their own bodies, and now they are playing a big part in the kind of relationship that so many people have with their own brain.

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In both cases, the answer to their problems is always out there. The same old story it can seem as if the drug industry is there to help people; when in reality, this industry is there to make money. The best way to do this is to not only keep people dependent and out of touch with themselves – it is to keep them ill, along with redefining normal human experiences as being a sign of ‘mental illness’.

Therefore, there will be the people who are not in a good way and then there will be the people who will come to believe that there is something wrong with them after they have been diagnosed by the experts. Anyway, while the term ‘mental illness’ not bad per se, it can create the impression that inner problems are the result of having a faulty brain. The tip of the iceberg what this then does is completely disregards what is taking place in someone’s body.

This part of them is then not going to play a part when it comes to how they feel or what thoughts they have, for instance. In many ways, the body can be seen as the root and the head can be seen as the flower. Therefore, when someone tries to change their inner experience by focusing on their brain, it will be similar to trying to remove a weed by cutting off the top.

The main area this is where human beings carry trauma, and this can relate to what they have experienced since the moment they were born – and even what took place in the womb – and it can relate to what their ancestors experienced. The enteric nervous system, another brain, is also found in the stomach. It has been said that over ninety percent of serotonin and over fifty percent of dopamine is made in this area.

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Taking all this into account, if someone wants to feel good about themselves and to feel more at peace, for instance, it will be vital for them to make sure their gut microbiota is in good shape and for them to heal any trauma that they might be carrying. Awareness what this shows is how important it is to question what the so-called experts say and to look a little deeper. The drug industry also understands that it is human nature to avoid pain and this is why it can be so tempting to just take something.

Getting in touch with the body and working through the pain that arises takes courage, and it takes patience and persistence.

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