Critical Thinking: Is Humanity In A Battle Between Good And Evil?

As a result of what is currently taking place in america and around the world, a number of people believe that now is a time when it is good vs. Evil or light against darkness. Some of these people are religious and some are spiritual, but they will more or less have the same outlook.

Moreover, most of these people can believe that good will triumph over evil or the light will dispel the darkness. They can see themselves as being on one side and certain people as being on the other side. The solution taking this into account, certain people will need to be dealt with somehow and, if this doesn’t happen, most of humanity will suffer.

So, while this will be the real world, it will be very similar to a hollywood movie. There will be those who are good and those who are bad, with this being something that is very black and white. Due to how clear this is, if someone doesn’t know what is going on, it won’t be difficult for them to get up to speed.

The great awakening what is also going to be important, then, is for those who are ‘awake’ to wake up as many people who are ‘asleep. ‘ through informing those who are not in the know, it will be easier for all that is good to prevail. These people can do this by talking to the people in their life about what is going on and sharing information on the different platforms that are available online.

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Naturally, if one has a big platform, they will have the ability to ‘wake’ a lot of people up to what is going on. A closer look now, even though this seems like something that is very black and white, what if it is far more nuanced than this? what if those who see themselves as ‘good’ are playing a part in the ‘evil’ that is ‘out there’? if someone who sees themselves ‘good’ or ‘awake’ was to hear this, they could dismiss what has been said and make it clear that they are nothing like those people who are ‘evil’. This is likely to illustrate that one sees themselves as nothing more than an observer of their reality.

Two parts furthermore, they are likely to have created an identity where they are good and awake, and anything that goes against this one-dimensional view of themselves will be rejected and blocked out by their mind. However, although they are likely to see themselves as just an observer of what is going on ‘out there’, this is going to be nothing more than an illusion. Their ego-mind, along with their eyes, will create the impression that they are separate from everyone and everything.

As for the identity that they have formed, this can prevent them from coming into contact with the ‘dark’ and ‘negative’ parts of themselves. A reflection through being attached to their ego-mind, taken in by what their eyes tell them and caught up in the identity that they have created, they are not going to be able to see that they are playing a part in what they see ‘out there’. In other words, they won’t realise that they are co-creating their reality and what takes place on the planet as a whole.

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What they see ‘out there’ will be the result of what is taking place in their conscious and unconscious mind. Said another way, what is held in their own consciousness will shape their life, and what is held in this part of them, and everyone else’s consciousness, will feed into the collective consciousness and this will be the cause of what is taking place externally. A sign instead of one believing that they are aware and that’s the reason why they can see what is going on, they can look into what part they are playing in what is going on.

As if they were not playing a part in what is going on, it wouldn’t be part of their experience. This not about one blaming or shaming themselves; it is about them taking a step back from what is going on ‘out there’ and tuning into themselves. At this point in time, they could have a number of defences in place that will prevent them from connecting to what they need to acknowledge inside them.

A long-term solution if they, along with others, were to overlook the part that they are playing, seeing themselves as ‘good’ or ‘awake’ and to purely fight against what is going on externally, it will almost certainly pump up their ego. This approach might even allow them to deal with a lot of the ‘bad’ people who are ‘out there’. The trouble is that this outcome is likely to be short-lived as they, along with others, won’t have cleaned their own consciousness and come to terms with their own ‘darkness’, which means that, sooner or later, this scenario will play out all over again.

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Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that what is resisted is what will both persist and grow, so when one is focused on fighting ‘evil’, as opposed to being the very thing that they want to experience more of, they will be indirectly feeding into this unwanted reality. Final thoughts the good vs. Evil dynamic can be seen as a reflection of duality and thus, ego-consciousness.

When one is identified with this part of their being, they will naturally see themselves as ‘good’ and be ready to do something about the ‘evil’ that is ‘out there’. By taking a step back from this part of them, seeing how it operates and realising that they themselves are made up of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parts, it will allow them to get to the root of what is going on and be on neutral ground. They will be able to see that the main way for them to change what is going on externally is to acknowledge and integrate the parts of themselves that are co-creating the problems that are ‘out there’.

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