Critical Thinking: Is It A Surprise That Those Who Are Against Are Often Full Of Hate?

There are a number of feelings that can cause someone to engage in behaviour that is destructive. Rage is one of those feelings as is hate, with these being feelings that can be completely overpowering. Therefore, due to what can take place when someone is experiencing one of these feelings, it can stop them from being able to think clearly.

As a result of this, they can end up causing harm to someone or something. Another outcome conversely, they could end up experiencing one of these feelings and, instead of directing the energy that is within them outwards, they could push it down inside their own body. Now, this is likely to mean that they won’t harm another, but it could cause them to harm themselves.

The weeks and months could then pass by and, out of nowhere, they could do something that is completely out of character. In the middle therefore, giving a feeling like this carte blanche is not the answer and neither is denying that it even exists. The ideal will be for one to contain this feeling and to look into what they need to do to deal with it.

Here, one won’t be controlled by it and they won’t try to control it either, giving them the ability to resolve what is going on. A role model through taking responsibility for how they feel, they will be serving the world and they will be serving themselves. This is because they won’t be adding more drama to the world and they won’t be undermining their own being.

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Thanks to how they deal with their feelings, they will serve as a positive example to others. If they didn’t behave in this way, and they had the inclination to be controlled by their feelings or to deny their feelings altogether, they would be showing others an unhealthy way of dealing with feelings. One priority so, if someone has a healthy relationship with their own emotions and is emotionally intelligent, they might end up trying to educate others on how to experience life in the same way.

This will then come from a place of understanding and a genuine desire to serve, as opposed to the need to shame and blame those that are in this position. In other words, they will generally embody a level of consciousness that will allow them to assist their fellow human beings. A different energy someone like this is then going to be radically different to the individual who is hell-bent on removing hate, but who comes across as incredibly hateful themselves.

They will say one thing, yet their behaviour will say something else entirely. It will be as though they are so focused on what is going on for others that they are unable to see what is going on for themselves. Their shadow at this time, it won’t be possible for them to acknowledge what is taking place inside them.

Owing to this, what they are unable to face inside them will end up being projected into others. As what is taking place inside them will be placed into others, it will allow them to maintain the delusion they are not hateful; it is the people ‘out there’ who are. Trying to change others will be an indirect way for them to change themselves.

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They won’t be able to see it, but they will have a level of consciousness that is very similar to the level that these people have, hence why they are judging them and are trying to change them. Perhaps their early years were a time when they were often mistreated. Conclusion if their pain does relate to what someone did to them when they were a child, and they deal with this pain, they will no longer need to take this pain out on others.

This will allow them to be the change they want to see in the world and to no longer feed into the drama of the world. And as what is resisted is what will persist and grow, being for love, not being against hate, is undoubtedly the best way to be.

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