Critical Thinking: Should People Be Punished For What Their Ancestors Did?

Nowadays, it is not unusual for someone to believe that certain people should be punished for what their ancestors did. When someone has this view, it can be due to what they have picked up from the education system and the mainstream media. This doesn’t mean that someone like this will believe that this applies to everyone on the planet, though.

What they are likely to believe is that this is something that only applies to white people. Outrage if someone was to hear this who didn’t have this outlook, they might wonder what is going on. This could be seen as a sign that one race is being treated unfairly, with this being a clear example of discrimination.

The reason for this is that other person could say that it is not possible for white people to experience racism, and this is going to be because of what racism means to them. Two parts the meaning that they have of racism is likely to be discrimination plus power; therefore, white people won’t be able to experience it due to the fact that they are the majority. It is then going to be as if every white person gets together every sunday and looks into what they can do to oppress people who are not white.

This is then going to be tantamount to saying that it is not possible for women to abuse men as men are generally physically stronger. All white people will be put in the ‘oppressor’ box and all of the people who are not white will be put into the ‘oppressed’ box. Part of the problem as a result of this, it doesn’t matter if a white person is aware of all this or if they are a good natured human being, as they will be perceived in a negative light by those who have been programmed in this way.

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Ironically, the people who label people in this way are likely to talk about how tolerant they are and how bad discrimination is. It could be said that their behaviour shows how easy it is so say things but how hard it is to actually put them into practice. Moving on with that aside, it can be said that white people benefit from what their ancestors did in the past.

Thus, every white person on the planet is going to be seen as a descent of a least one person who helped to colonize other countries and kept slaves. Once again, every white person will be put into a box and it won’t matter if any of their ancestors were involved in this. Consequently, it will be irrelevant as to whether any of their ancestors were enslaved or went through anything traumatic.

Less-than human due to what their ancestors did, they won’t be worthy of empathy, compassion, or respect; they will just deserve to suffer. Clearly, this is what happens when someone has a collectivist outlook and is unable to see people as individuals. If someone is white it will mean that everything just falls into their lap, meaning that they will live a ‘privileged’ life.

The descendents of the ancestors who were not around all those years ago will then want to punish the descendents of ancestors who were not around all those years ago either. Two wrongs make a right while it would be inaccurate to say that someone is not affected by what their ancestors went though, that doesn’t mean that harming someone for what their ancestors did will actually solve anything. This could be seen as what happens when someone is reacting unconsciously.

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They won’t be able to think clearly or to connect to their heart; they will be consumed by their need to seek revenge. And, even if one believes that someone’s ancestors committed certain crimes due to the colour of their skin, it doesn’t mean that this is actually the case. Another angle another way of looking at this would be to say that it is perfectly acceptable for someone to punish their current partner for what their ex did.

They will be the same gender, so that will automatically make them responsible. Looking at life in this way is very much based on the belief that someone is either a victim or a perpetrator. And what the people at the top realise is that one of the best ways to control people is to keep them divided.

Divide and rule demonizing white people is undoubtedly a great way to create division and to make it harder for humanity to be able to work together. This also makes it harder for some people to take a balanced look at what happened in the past and to provide the right assistance for the people who have been affected by what their ancestors went through – assistance that will allow them to stand on their own two feet, as opposed to being dependent on the government, for instance. If someone feels weighed down by what their ancestors went through, it can show that what they went through has been passed down to them.

It then won’t matter how long ago it was, as they will be carrying ancestral trauma. Conclusion upon realising this, they can continue to blame others and to feel like a victim – which will add even more drama to the world and stop them from being able to grow – or they can take responsibility for what they are carrying. Something called family constellation therapy can allow someone to resolve what has been passed down to them, thereby allowing them to finally embrace their inherent power.

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ultimately, one is not going to be here forever, and dealing with their own baggage will greatly improve their own life and the lives of those who will come after them. They will be leading by example.

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