Death, How Mean Thou Art

On a hill far away stood that old rugged demon, an emblem of suffering and shame. “why have you done this? this was not our agreement! why should you leave us alone? how do you expect us to cope with living without you? does it mean we will not see again in this life? god, why? why? it shouldn’t be you! what have we done to deserve your death? wake up! don’t go now. You just come in uninvited, grab your victim unprepared and take them without any consolation.

Why are you so blood-thirsty? and life-hungry? why are you so invincible and full of poison? you don’t come around like a gentleman and you don’t leave without inflicting terrible wounds, probably incurable ones on the tender souls of people who turn out to be your victims? i know we all owe you, but must you be so inconsiderate? must you demand indiscriminately? we know you; what a monster you are! though we can’t see you, all the lives you’ve glazed in your cold fists are under our feet, the homes you’ve entered are crushed down if not in ruins and these are pointers to your repulsive mysticism and tyrannous rule. Don’t you ever get tired? what a ruthless beast you are! why inject your bitterness in us? how come we’ve offended you so much? when will you stop taking revenge on us? they say life is unfair, you are worse. Your shoes of regret and languish that you’ve pulled at door-steps, the injuries of your angry bite, your dozes of horror, the footprints of emptiness which you leave behind are all evidences of your outrageous figure, scary presence, bitter deeds, hellish behaviour and evil nature.

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What do you stand to gain? you don’t care about age, status, race, background, achievement; you don’t want to know the place, you don’t consider time, you take no chances for granted, nor accept excuses, yours is just to execute, to annihilate according to your whim. I know that someday you’ll come for me (at least, after i’ve fulfilled my god-ordained purpose in life); but until then you remain the meanest, the coldest, the greatest nightmare of all lives and dreams. End of story.

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