Doing What You Can From Where You Are

We’re limitless within the design of our humanity, yet we go about pretending we have no power. So focused on what burdens our mind, our heart has such little vision for inspiration, never seeing we’re powerful beyond measure from where we are. From where you are, only you can see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel,
think what you think,
and only you can act as you can act.

See what you can from where you are. From where you are, hear all you can. Experience all you can, then ask, “what is this experience for? what is the purpose for which i’ve seen and heard these things?” from where you are.

Do what you can from where you are. From where you are, open your heart and mind outbound of your inbound perceptions. Make of what you see and hear something positive; a worthy, innovative response, a contribution, an investment.

Leave a legacy in the moment. From where you are. Believe in your power to make change occur.

Not anything. But everything within your power and control. Not everything is within the court of our influence, but there are many things that still are.

Stay in that sphere of influence, discerning what is mere concern, and do what can be done, to build into the lives of those around you. From where you are, you are an agent, for the purposes of god, for goodwill and peace and grace. All that we can do we can still do.

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Enjoy the truth in this concept and we enjoy the sense of purpose and freedom. This is the place where our spirit joins with god’s spirit, where we join and extend the purposes of reality.

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