Future: You Are Responsible For It

A farmer went out to plant bean seeds one day and at the end of the planting season, he discovered he had done everything wrongly. He was angry and gave up on his effort. He gave the farm to another man, who saw his mistake and corrected it.

In life things happen in ways that we never planned and large percentage of it happens as a result of our carelessness. There are so much mistakes that should have been avoided, but they happened any ways because we were insensitive to our faults. The future is a day ahead of today which is known as tomorrow.

The outcome of our tomorrow’s accomplishment is based on our today preparation. Don’t ever think tomorrow will take care of itself, rather you take responsibility on how you want it to be. If it doesn’t work according to plan, take responsibility and plan again.

You are responsible for your future. Don’t gives excuses, but take the challenge of action. As much as you are responsible for the kind of food you take, you are also responsible for the things you do.

Your future is in your hands. What you make out of it depends on how you want it to be. Everyone is looking into the future.

Scientists undergo daily research with facts and inventions that has made the future better than now. Years ago, computers were massive with less function. Now, almost all homes have a laptop which is portable with more functions.

This is how scientists have been able to leverage on the future. Years from now will be better because further research are in effect on how to improve life. If you must improve your world or future then you must spend quality time on research.

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, which gives you the time for development. The more development you experience in a specific aspect of your life, the better you become in that area because your future reflects your mind picture. Every great man have a specific future they have carved out for themselves and they remained consistent in it.

The same way, you must consistently work on your area of expertise that you want to see the best result. This represent a part of your future that must be actualized.

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