How Do You Achieve Your Dreams Without Money?

And it is not necessary to use money to materialize your burning desires. For instance, you want to lose weight. You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym.

Slimming down to your ideal weight is fine. Cut portions of your food every meal. Cut off sugar from your tea or coffee.

And walk briskly or jog every morning. That way your calories will burn away gradually and you will victoriously reach your ideal weight. Having said so, be stable at this weight and continue all other schemes that led to your ideal weight.

Let me give you another great example. Suppose you want to be a writer. Now we know you need to read a lot to write well and have your own brand.

You don’t necessarily have to spend money on books. You will have to choose from a whole lot of books because there will be varieties and so choose ones that look like quality ones. To practice writing everyday you can write short articles and submit to online magazines or start blogging.

That way you gradually become good at writing. Still another good example could be that you are a very busy person at work but you regret not having enough time with family. That would allow you to spend time with your family so that your bonds get stronger.

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