How To Create Perfection Out Of Your Imperfections

I remember when my dad wanted us to change schools that would prepare us well for o-levels under the university of london. We had to give admission tests before we got admitted. When that day arrived, my sisters and i were stuck in a big traffic jam so that dad couldn’t proceed on the way in our car.

We were already twenty minutes late when we arrived at the desired location. After we were given the question papers, my sister who was trying to get into grade 8 chose an essay on “your favorite book” while i chose the topic, “books and reading”. My sister and i were both given chits of paper that read grade 8.

I was a bit confused. But i soon realized that i didn’t make it into grade 9. According to the teachers there, my essay did not have flow and coherence as my sister’s did.

I got so bogged down that i cried all the way back and for the rest of the day into the night. I wept into the night falling asleep. I struggled with the english course all along.

Sometimes the essays i wrote were good and sometimes not so good. This way i ended up with a “c” in the english course in my o-levels. On the other hand, my sister got a prompt “a” when she appeared in her o-levels.

So you see i was imperfect in the english language. And i made it. I got an “a”.

I also had to appear in toefl in which i excelled. Fast forward to the present, i can write effortlessly in english now. It takes me only several minutes to write articles or plot a story or write the skeleton of a self-help ebook on a topic that speaks to me.

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The child in me that wept in those early years because of her imperfection in the english language has finally won. She is happy with the progress and milestones she has covered. This way with the required effort, perseverance and determination any person can master perfection out of their imperfections.

I am a living example of that. So when i say it is possible, i mean it really is.

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