How We Rank Our Choices

We make choices about everything. Some are small and others are huge. We rank them according to size and give them priority.

But no matter the placement, every choice we make has importance. Choosing not to brush and floss will cause plaque buildup and soon our teeth will disappear. It’s important to brush and floss.

It’s our choice. We are given freewill to choose from a smorgasbord of options. That was a simple example and perhaps conjured images you did not expect on an article about “how we rank our choices.

People receive expensive dental work as a result of poor dental hygiene. We cannot afford to procrastinate when it comes to many of the choices we have. Some are time-sensitive and others could prove to be cost prohibitive if we were to postpone making a choice.

The choices we have made up to this point in each of our lives is what places is where we are – right now. Choice determines destiny. It’s understood, as minors, many of our choices were made for us.

As parents, many of you are making choices for your child(ren). Some choices are irreversible and can fill us with regrets. We must shake loose of anything that does not serve us and serve us well.

One does not advance by constantly going through the trash looking for a way up. Incinerate the trash piles in your life. Consciously make choices that you can live with even if it is not a win-win for everyone.

When we make what we believe in our hearts is the right choice for us, we must do so without looking back. Doing so, is one way to avoid regrets that create trash piles. Choose to see every choice you make as important.

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Remember your actions have lifelong repercussions. And also remember, unfavorable choices can become the next opportunity to make more favorable ones. We do not have to become stuck but inspired to make improvements.

In his book, the light in the heart, roy t. Bennett says: take his advice and run with it. “choose wisely.

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