Let That Delay Fire You Up

How soon will it come to pass? what can i do quickly to accelerate this retarded movement of mine? why am i moving at a very slow pace? why are all the people around me progressing and i have no clue to the cause of my stagnancy? if you have taken time to brood on these aforementioned rhetoric then you will completely agree with me in this article that delay in a man’s life is phenomena and is inevitable. As we all have known earlier from various sayings such as “it is better to be slow going somewhere than to be fast going nowhere, and also that “a slow progress is better than no progress, what should constantly be registered in our mind is our ability to always look at the brighter side of whatever we do and keep firing and soaring because the end justifies the means. Life is like a race, you don’t win until you get to the top despite the impediments and obstacles.

Such is the case of some athletes running a marathon race, initially the nervous among them keeps maintaining the lead, running with the whole of his strength while others move with the flow, moving slowly and we can eventually deduce that the athlete that have imputed all his energy into the race at the very beginning gets tired and the other slow pace athletes suddenly pick up and overtake the exhausted athlete. According to john hanc, he said “i have learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It is a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible.

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In as much as delays could be architect of some peoples failure in life because they don’t see reasons why they have to try a particular thing over and over again, the same delay i believe should spur us towards greatness and success will eventually come. What could be more of a notable man called abraham lincoln? there was nothing apparent in his genes that could have produced him. Abraham had a soaring ambition which can be described as little engine that knew no rest.

But he didn’t let disappointment, nor his background or delay set him back towards the actualization of his goal as the 16th president of united states of america. Delays can come in several form and ways. A lady who thinks she is of age and as such in a haste to settle down might unknowingly settle down with the wrong man and overnight, she keeps lamenting that “i wanted a caring man and not a boxer”.

She could have ward off such an illegal union in the first place assuming shes patient enough to wait for the right man at the right time. In conclusion, delays are temporary and not permanent and in as much as we all believe this, i am of the opinion that we should put up a resilient spirit and stay focused in all we do.

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