Navigating The Journey Of Life

One of the things that i was not looking forward to during my move to calgary was driving in the big city. You see, medicine hat spoiled me by the fact that i could go pretty well anywhere in ten minutes without facing several lanes of speeding traffic. So, after a couple of days in my new condo i was invited for an evening at the home of my daughter in okotoks.

Could i manage that? it might seem like a very trivial concern to the seasoned calgarian but for me, it was a serious adventure. There were several things that helped me along the way and as i was driving, i started to realize that the same techniques are ones that can help people through most aspects of life: life is a series of journeys that move us forward. When we are afraid, we can become immobilized and miss out on blessings.

On the other hand, if we are willing to follow the steps that i outlined, we will not only meet goals but also have wonderful stories to share with others. Enjoy this week’s journey!.

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