No One Can Define You But You

I came across these words today and they stuck to me like glue:
“your value does not decrease based upon someone’s inability to see your worth”. When despite all your efforts, they only see you as worthless and of no use. That’s okay! you cannot blame them, everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe.

There will always be people ready to criticise and tell you how flawed you are. There will always be people waiting to magnify your inadequacies. Believe it when i say that there will always be people who, even on your best days, will refuse to see anything good in you.

You cannot blame them still, they have the right to believe what they want to believe. What you can do, however, is to refuse to allow people’s judgement of you to define you. Why would you allow someone who has only a limited perception of you tell you who you can or cannot be? the moment you let the negative words spoken by clueless people etch in your memory and have a ruling power over your mind, you have already lost.

If you’re reading this, i want you to know that you are okay. No one is born perfect, we all are striving to be a better version of ourselves. Your story is far from over my friend.

Cut yourself away from every negative energy and turn those hurtful words into motivation. Work on yourself like your life depends on it and open yourself to the world of possibilities. I assure you, you can be everything you want to be.

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You can be great. So do not blame them, thank them. Because now, you are awake.

And as you are fully awake, you become an embodiment of empathy and compassion. You are equipped with the understanding that we all are unique in our own different ways. You recognise that every one you meet is your superior in some way, you figure out their good points and learn from them.

Remember, with little sparks of love, gratitude and tolerance you leave on your trails as you go on in life, you make this world a better place. Bukola helen olusolade oba helenahb2kgmail. Com

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