Offended: Does Someone Have The Right To Silence Others If They Are Offended?

In order for someone to grow and to develop, it is going to be vital for them to be exposed to new information. This will allow them to expand on what they are already aware of and it will enable them to see life differently. Therefore, unless this was to take place, it would stop them from being able to make progress in life.

One might then be happy to share what they know, but they wouldn’t be willing to take in anything new. Validation yet, if they were to take in something, it could be because it mirrors what they already believe. Or, if it could be a sign that it doesn’t cause them to question what they believe, and it could validate their outlook in some way.

Thus, no new seeds are going to be planted in their mind; the only thing that will occur is that what is growing in their mind will be watered. It could then be said that one will be more concerned with being right than anything else. Avoidance it would be normal for someone to believe that these kinds of people wouldn’t be found in the education system.

After all, this is an area where people go to expand their mind, as opposed to holding onto what they believe. Even so, it would be inaccurate to that everyone who works in the education system is there to learn. Instead, there are going to be plenty of people who are more concerned with protecting what they believe.

Students this is not to say that all of these people would have started out his way, as this could have occurred through being in this environment. The people who go to college or university to learn can also end up in the same position. In the beginning one might have an open mind, and then as time passes, they could soon end up having a close mind.

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Due to what they have been taught, they could come across as though their mind has been set in concrete. Indoctrination if a student goes to college or university with an open mind and comes out with a closed mind, it could be said that they have been let down. The place where they went to be educated has simply conditioned them.

Not only have they failed them; one has also had to pay for this to take place. The information they have taken in is then likely to make their life harder and they can be in a lot of debt. The truth nevertheless, when one has been conditioned, there is a strong chance that they won’t realise it.

There is then going to be no reason for them to come to the conclusion that they have been told what to think and not how to think. And so without knowing, one can end up being used to fulfil someone else’s agenda. The ideal when it comes to controlling people, it is naturally going to be a lot easier for this to take place if it is done indirectly; whereas if it was to take place directly, it would lead to all kinds of problems.

For example, if people are threatened with force or valance, they would soon come to see what is going on, and they would be more likely to resist. On the other hand, if this is done in a way that people are unaware of, there is a greater chance that they will go along with it. Less work along with this, it is going to be far easier to keep people in line when they round up each other.

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This is then going to mean that the government and other groups will be able to take their foot of the gas, so to speak. The people behind the scenes can control what most people believe by defining what is taught in the education system and what is covered by the mainstream media, amongst other things. These people who receive this conditioning are then going to be there foot soldiers.

A new crime and what one is likely to be familiar with, if they are in the education system (or were in it) and/or if they pay attention to the mainstream media, are people who have been offended. When this takes place, it can be as if someone has been physically harmed. Through having this response, they can see themselves as a victim, and this can make them believe that they are entitled to silence the other person in some way.

Perhaps this could be through having them banned or blocked online, or they might even try and have them fired, for instance. Another angle so due to how they have responded to what someone has said or what has been said to other people, they will feel the need to try and control another person. And as they believe that they have been harmed, this is to be expected.

However, if one was able to take a step back and to observe what is taking place within them, they will see that the other person hasn’t done anything to them. Ultimately, one has experienced an emotional reaction, and if they had the ability to regulate their emotions they wouldn’t need to try and control others. Free speech this would then allow one to take responsibility for how they feel and they wouldn’t have the need to silence others.

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If one is consumed by how they feel when they feel offended and focused on doing what they can to silence others, they are not going to think about how this will harm them in the future. What this comes down to is that if one tries to silence others, it might only be a matter of time before they are silenced. One way of looking at this would be to say that by focussing on people who are offended and the people who offend others, it is a way to take away peoples freedom of speech.

Conclusion if this was done directly, it would cause an uproar; but by eroding it in a more subtle way, most people are completely oblivious to what is going on. This is just one way that some people are not only undermining their own way of life, but everyone’s way of life.

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