Organizing Your Day – How To Fix A Lack Of Discipline

A preplanned day is almost always going to work well. A little lack of discipline shouldn’t throw you off balance. Rather you need to fix it with quick wits and skill so that your day turns out delightful and productive on the overall.

How do you plan your day? you sit down in a quiet corner the night before and brood over sometime and look at your to do list of the week so far – which ones have been crossed off and which ones still need attention. You can then neatly organize the following day tending to tasks both at work and home. How exactly do you do that? you make a list of the non-crossed items on another page and add to it the tasks at hand which need to be tended.

You have just finished off a big work project and a new project is still due to arrive. You choose the color, the parts and the technical facilities, looking for anything different from other bicycles. Getting the green signal and purchasing all your stuff and putting them in a trolley, you brisk forward away from the pay counter, when a child comes right in front of you and you lose control and hit her bad.

Now that is a lack of discipline. The child’s parents immediately show up. You tackle the situation boldly and tell them that you are willing to take them to the nearest clinic and pay for her first aid costs.

Well, they become humble, say thank you and that they can handle it themselves. Good for you! you are relieved. The rest of the way back home, you drive carefully.

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You don’t want any more accidents. Now that is discipline in order. You go back to your office carefully, have your favorite blend of coffee and chatter with colleagues for a short while and have a quick lunch.

In your office, since your new project is still due to come, you take the opportunity to organize your cabinets, shelf and table. You now giggle about it as you replay it in your mind and feel happy at the thought of how much joyous your child is going to be with her new bicycle. You then think of the groceries and what you are going to cook.

You make up your mind that it is going to be a special evening together for your family, cooking all the favorite items of your family. Everyone likes the homemade cooked food dishes and everyone shares their experiences of the day happily and retires to their own rooms cheerfully. So you planned the whole day and a little lack of discipline was fixed with impromptu speech and wits and your whole day turned out so well.

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