What Is An Hypocritical Catholic?

In my early days as a catholic, i used to think that most people were dutiful and authentic catholics. But i can see now the errors of my earlier ways. It’s not that all good church-going catholics are hypocrites. It is that some of us don’t live up to how we should live as catholics. … Read more

Life Is Short! Think About That

At the same time, however, we could not escape fear and the possibility that they would be at risk. They were accompanied by coaching staff, their volunteer statistician, sports announcer and athletic therapist as well as their driver. Each of the twenty-nine on board had goals and dreams. They had each sacrificed and worked hard … Read more

Are You Like Spiderman?

Most people like superheroes and one of the most popular is spiderman. This month i have been thinking about the tagline for this cartoon character spiderman that states “with great power comes great responsibility”. What an idea to ponder! now that we are in even more restrictions due to the pandemic threat than in the … Read more