Power Questions To Expand And Enrich Your Mindset

Your mind is the most important piece of equipment in your business. Without a prosperous mindset you will struggle financially. Even if what you do is aligned with your soul purpose.

To successfully monetize your soul purpose, you need a prosperous mindset. Yet, there are ways of thinking and perceiving that can stand in your way of being prosperous. The good news is that you can change these thinking styles by asking power questions.

These power questions peel away the layers of your beliefs to reveal the hidden treasures of your mind that has all the answers you are looking for. Give it a power question and the answers will enrich your life inside and out. The intention behind power questions is that it sends your brain in a different direction that immediately brings about choice and resourcefulness.

Choice and resourcefulness go hand in hand with creativity and a positive outlook that enable prosperity. Lack of vision the number one cause of failure is the lack of a clear vision or outcome. Too many entrepreneurs have a burning desire to be wealthy and successful, but they are not able to clearly define what that would look like.

All-or-nothing thinking or perfectionism can rob you of your dream. Here you wait for everything to be perfectly in place before you can take action and move forward toward your vision. “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne dyer. Power questions to ask yourself here are: when you experience anything, your brain comes up with the first perception that you would normally have and the test of whether it makes you resourceful is how it makes you feel. If you don’t feel good, then it’s the perfect time to flex your perception powers by asking these questions.

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The thing is that the first thought you get and feel about anything, is only one out of a thousand. The onus lies with you to not accept that as the truth if it does not serve you. A useful example to describe this principle is to use the thinking style of pessimism versus optimism.

Needless to say, this causes serious misery in the lives of many people and often creates irreparable damage in relationships. Refuse to make any assumption whatsoever and vow to ask questions to make sure of your facts. How often have you made an assumption only to realize that you had it all wrong? make it a habit to ask: when someone makes a comment that disagrees with or criticizes you, refuse to take it personally and ask: conclusion practicing these power questions will open up your perception to see a bigger picture than just what is in front of you and that will reveal opportunities that you were blind to before.

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