Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me

In the bible, pontius pilate (the roman governor) found no wrongdoing with jesus. Jesus was then sent to herod who also found nothing wrong with what he did or preached. Finally, pilate asked the people, “what shall he do with jesus,” and they replied, “crucify him! crucify him!” the “him” being referred to isthe son of man, or the non-integrated ego, further implying the fruits of the binding influence of spiritual ignorance.

Thus, the statement “crucify him” is not about crucifying a physical person, but rather about crucifying the duality nature inherent in the human psyche (generationally). In addition, “crucify him!” means integrating duality, or the lower nature with the higher. Prior to integration, this life dynamic governs individual life.

Hence the termroman governor represents the dialogue patterns of sub-conscious conditioning. Consider: it was the roman soldiers that nailed jesus to the cross. Roman soldiers symbolize being compelled to sin prior to integration, which is simply the experiential level of separation.

In denying such, ascension out of duality is thwarted, thus prolonging suffering. The nailing of hands and feet symbolize the inability of the divine expression of the mind-body, or the inability of the mind to perceive true spirituality. The crown of thorns symbolize victory over both of these limitations, and the forehead blood represents the flow of christ-consciousness.

What is ‘the cross’ and why take it up and follow me? gal 3:19 states:”what then was the purpose of the law? it was added in order to show what wrongdoing is”. The cross itself (as separate from the crucifixion) symbolizes the horizontal and vertical planes of existence. The horizontal plane represents duality or biblical wrongdoing, while the vertical plane represents divine will and harmony.

It’s this life in duality that we need to focus attention on. We need to constantly reflect. This is the spiritual homework assignment we all must be engaged in.

When we do so, we embark upon the vertical plane, our highest spiritual nature. The opposite of love is duality which is rooted in fear and which represents the perishable as opposed to imperishable love or absolute existence. But this duality is there by divine design.

Duality is the medium through which the human soul must awaken. This is when the “follow me” part of biblical instruction is achieved. In practical terms, it’s the psychological networking of the enslaved lower human nature that is taken up – rendered harmless to spiritual growth.

In other words, sub-conscious activity is neutralized through conscious expansion. Prior to soul-freeing, the conscious mind was rendered powerless in regards to the intensity of negative thought patterns. To make sub-conscious integration more conceptually grasping, think about a volcano erupting into the sky; in human terms, it’s the upheaval of submerged emotional thought patterns into conscious awareness.

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When deep-rooted mind-sets get thrown upwards for conscious reflection, they eventually become integrated. This is how the mind returns to fullness stature; the soul freed into knowing its true unbounded nature. When horizontal and vertical become one, as divine consciousness, then you have the lamb lying down with the wolf.

Gal 3:23 states: “before the time for faith come, the law (binding influence of lower nature)kept us all locked up as prisoners until the coming faith shall be revealed”. This means that prior to transcendental awareness, the law is unyielding. Also, col 2:14-15: “he cancelled the unfavourable record of our debts with its binding rules, and did away with it completely by nailing it to the cross (by knowing duality thus do we transcend it).

And from that cross (duality) freed himself from the power of the spiritual rulers and authorities” (freed from the binding laws, from the hostage-taking nature of the subconscious authority, perpetrator of individual and global sin). This scripture is telling us: bring the inner vertical light to rid the horizontal darkness or soul slumbering. Jesus, we read, then appeared to his disciples (our own purified consciousness).

The disciples are symbolic of inner-body mechanisms known as the 12 cranial nerves. These cranial nerves are responsible for every human activity, to include spiritual development. Thus the disciples are workers serving the body-soul dynamic into coming upon the inner christ, thereby enabling god-consciousness realization.

With the cranial nerves becoming purified, consciousness is empowered in perceiving spiritually, experience transcendentally. Thus, awakening these manna-distributing channels are vital for soul nourishment and overall development of physical and spiritual well-being. And while the physical body is a creation of the universal life-force, the soul’s core flame is not.

An aspect of eternal god, the soul’s essence enters the body. The soul, therefore, being the conduit of god-nature experiencing, and having entered the body, awaits awakening into spiritual nature by means of conscious contact with the universal life-force or kundalini located at the base of the spine. It is this conscious contact – in the coccyx area of the spinal column – which ignites the kundalini, leading to awakening of the soul’s higher spiritual dimensions in the brain.

Duality – means of unity. Duality therefore constitutes the law of opposites: good, bad, love, hate, right, wrong, and so on. The ark, we remember, came to rest on a mount, meaning, the mind in meditation transcends duality and settles into higher self, into bliss-consciousness.

By entering the body/mind meditationally, the mind eventually transcends its limitation and false identity, becomes drawn to truth, soul-consciousness and unbounded awareness. Gal 3-25 puts it: “now that the time for faith (transcendental consciousness) is here(direct experience), the law is no longer in charge of us”. Again, by entering meditationally into the body / duality, the mind gets to experience transcendentally, gets to know that which neutralizes the law, knowing which, similar to noah’s ark, the mind comes upon mount or unity consciousness, highest level of human evolution.

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Jesus puts it john 2:19:”i will knock this temple down(duality nature) and rebuild it in three days”- 3 symbolizing unity, and days, period of transforming consciousness. In other words, christ within is utterly victories in neutralizing the structure and nature of sub-conscious experiencing – patterns which keep our life prisoner to the false prophet, to the erring, duality-composed mind. Similar to faith-consciousness, attaining unity is not an exercise of memory referencing and intellectualizing of scriptures only.

No, unity, like our beautiful sun is always in place, and, presents as sunshine when a gap in the clouds appear. Similarly, when a gap in our thought cycle appears, unity becomes experiential. By regularly expanding the thought-gap, expanding stillness and silence tolerance in the mind, the sun or unity awareness becomes as ever-present bliss-consciousness.

Jesus fell 3-times – 3 symbolizing divinity – meaning, we have each fallen from divinity by means of this inherited duality / lower nature. But, then, this is why we came to planet earth: to consciously transcend such, thereby knowing higher states of consciousness. Reality of existence the reality of our existence is two-fold: we’re both relative and absolute simultaneously.

But in the early stages of spiritual development, individual consciousness is aware only in the relative-duality, and non-aware in absolute-unity status. This is because, at nervous system level, a medium of experiencing higher consciousness has not been set-up – the biblical veil has not been rented. In other words, prior to self-realization the human nervous system functions in mono or duality awareness only; the nervous system is reflecting only what is set-up, reflecting only what has been cultured into it.

Thus, for the nervous system to have any experience, there must be a corresponding experience in place, a reflective dynamic capable of knowing simultaneous consciousnesses. In this context, to experience unity or transcendental nature, the nervous system needs to be cultured into withstanding such. We cannot arrive at higher states of consciousness by an act of will or imposed belief systems.

In achieving higher states of consciousness, a practical means of inner culturing is required; a process that involves natural harmonization of left-side and right-side brain. This full brain encountering enables the knowing and retention of both eternal unity and relative duality consciousness simultaneously. Alternating between transcendental silence in meditation and worldly activity after meditation, over time transforms the nervous system / brain whereby simultaneous-knowing capacity of absolute and relative / duality is maintained – human life remaining permanently under higher self guidance while still in the relative world.

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In arriving at simultaneous consciousness capacity, thus eternal status is validated. When both aspects of our existence co-exist as a whole, making the kingdom of heaven within a conscious reality: experiential beyond dogma, doctrine and belief systems. Total potentiality each soul in essence is a hieroglyph of eternal spirit, of the kingdom of heaven.

The knowing of such essence is through the physical body, in particular, the intellect. In bringing the intellect to convergence, to point awareness between the eyebrows in meditation, the intellect, emotions, senses and will, each become essence aligned, cosmically firing, made resolute. Such is when set-up in the brain / nervous system allows for total potentiality or infinite intelligence become conscious reality, becomes established brain-nervous system consciousness – awareness rooted permanently in divine essence, in vertical will.

Such is what makes understanding the following scripture so absolutely vital: john 12:32 “and i,(human intellect, emotion, senses and will) if i be lifted up from this earth (ascension out of duality, lower world, lifted from ordinary human consciousness) shall draw all men (manifestations of balanced emotions and soul-centered decision making) unto me” (unto divine consciousness). As we can see, prior to spiritual awakening, we’re each as spiritually dead, in need of ‘lift up’ – unaware of our inherent absolute status. Thus the buried christ referred to in scripture is not referring to a historical person, but to our own christ within awaiting resurrection into our consciousness.

So, finally, let us establish exactly what “take up thy cross” is not. It’s not two beams of wood on our shoulder or on anyone else’s shoulder. Not at all.

And although maybe conditioned by literal bible interpretation into thinking this way, this scripture is not remotely relating to either of these two examples. In conclusion, “and i myself will send upon you what my father has promised(our own indwelling christ). But you must wait in the city(meditate, transformation of human consciousness)until the power from above (divine light)comes down upon you(our soul awakening)”luke 24-49 awakening spiritually is intuitive, a prompt of soul to higher states of consciousness, out of the limited ego-self.

This angelic prompt usually takes the form of seeking inner peace by natural means. Commencing upon a personal inner awakening journey, of heeding the propelling whispers to inner calm, stillness and silence, is a most wonderfully joyous and life-transforming occasion. It marks the beginning of our eternal voyage into the pure heart of god-nature: a glorious calling to blessed-consciousness.

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