The Power Of Expectation – Making Happen What You Expect To Happen

Is there something you want to happen in your life? why not believe and make them happen? this article shows how. Are you a dreamer, thinker or doer? how would you classify yourself? any one of these helps and you can work on the other two. As for me, i am a thinker.

I can plan things and prepare myself for something i have to confront. I am not so much of a dreamer or doer. All the same i manage to do everything i desire sooner or later.

How do i make things happen? planning and thinking are the keys. But if i can also dream and visualize (there is so much power in both!!), i would get results faster. Why are they powerful? because you not only have sight then but you also carry with yourself a vision of something you want to make happen, which is why it will come to fruition at the proper time.

If i also happen to be an action taker, i would make things happen triple faster. I dread the outcomes of any event and so i am too cautious and not a fast doer. What actions can you take and how are they effective? breakdown your vision into tiny workable steps and carry them out as much as you can per day and you will eventually reach your much desired goal.

If you integrate all the three: dreamer, thinker and doer into your being, you have worked on yourself fully and you are a fully efficient being. You can expect things to happen because you know how to make them happen. It’s easy breezy to you now.

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Become a part-time or a full-time coach teaching people around you the three forms: dreamer, thinker and doer and how to integrate them into their personalities until they can make happen what they expect to happen. Another criterion that matters is your level of confidence. While you make things happen through the three workable forms, you need to have unshakeable confidence in yourself.

Now why is this important? that is because believing in yourself helps manifest things further with the least resistance. There is no way you can’t achieve things you desire badly. I gave you a formula in this article.

Let me coin it down as below: dreamer + thinker + doer + belief = desired result remember it lifelong and carry it with you. You can always believe in the power of expectation and make things happen according to your earnest desires.

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