There’S Always A Silver Lining

This week i got that call that every parent dreads – ella (8 years old), was hurt. She had fallen off the monkey bars and had likely broken her arm. What i didn’t expect was a silver lining in the end.

I share more about what happened below, and how it created the space for some incredible healing. The principal asked me how i was doing and i almost broke down into tears. He was so fantastic with checking in on me, and also explaining how everything worked.

He was my saving grace in that moment. The nurses were sitting with ella on either side, providing so much love for our ella, and i was overcome with gratitude in that moment. Not only did they stabilize her arm and put ice on it right away, they sat with her and gave her so much love and support.

Two of them did, on either side of her. One was plenty, but they went above and beyond in their care, and i was just so thankful for all of their love. We headed straight to emergency and sure enough her wrist was broken.

Everyone was so kind there too, with the front desk staff making special trips to the back to check on her. Out of all of this it was ella who surprised me the most. She was trying so hard to see the positive in it all that same afternoon, and had the best outlook.

This means she won’t be playing soccer or doing gymnastics for awhile – two activities she loves and was looking forward to all summer. It would have been completely reasonable to be upset and cry, and she didn’t at all. She knew she couldn’t play and that it needed to heal.

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She was also being so polite and thankful for all of the care, with even asking me about my feelings – wow! here’s a card she made for the doctors. When i asked her the next day how she was able to be so positive, she said because it’s in her soul. Wow right?! although, i wish i could chalk this up to great parenting, ella has always been a wise soul.

She is so in tune with how she feels in her heart, and it’s something i strive to do every day. One time she even offered healing energy to the attendees of a course in miracles group i belonged to when i was pregnant. The whole group could feel it! qualities i hope she will be in tune with forever.

At first look, a broken bone is not something pleasant nor something i would ever wish upon anyone – especially my own child. But the space it created for all of the love cannot be discounted. It’s interesting how we put so much judgement on what is good and bad.

We then get carried away in the drama of it all. What if this doesn’t have to be a bad thing? what if it was just the catalyst everyone needed to fell a little more love in their hearts? there is always a silver lining to any dark cloud, and we just have to see it that way to experience it. This stuff can’t go unnoticed.

It’s how we’re going to bring more peace and love to this earth. Let’s acknowledge all of the amazing people in our lives there to give us love and support and take notice of all of the blessings in disguise. They’re there for us.

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