Tolerations Steal Productivity

A few years ago, i hired a personal coach. She taught me a wonderful concept that i have used to this day. A toleration is something that drains our time and energy.

The problem is that we all tend to tolerate the things that drain our time, energy and patience. We dig through closets looking for an outfit and then realize that it is wrinkled, and we can’t wear it without investing more time and effort. If you want to gain back time and feel more in control, consider how you can eliminate the things that you are tolerating.

Begin by making a list of as many tolerations that you can think of even if you don’t see a solution for dealing with them at first. Keep adding to the list until you have at least one hundred things that you are tolerating. I think you will be surprised about how many things are “bugging”.

Up until you now you have just ignored them and tried to work around them. Once you have the list you will also likely be surprised by how many things are not only stealing your energy but also being neglected. Next, go through the list and choose one thing that you can fix that will resolve several other things automatically.

There is great satisfaction in crossing things off the list. But remember, this is not a static project. It is a process and you will need to keep adding things to the list.

Finally, develop a plan so that you won’t have recurrence of the same things over and over again. Or maybe you need an organizer to help you with the initial plan. If you have a place for everything and you don’t keep it in its place, perhaps you need to have a talk with yourself and develop some self-discipline.

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So, let’s begin. Label each column – one will be “personal” and the other “work”. Then start writing down at least one hundred things that you have been tolerating.

You have just taken the first step towards success!.

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