Two Rare Expressions Of Wisdom – Both And Neither

We hear so much these days about the left and the right, about conservatives and liberals; as if everyone must be painted into one or the other corner. It is almost impossible to stay neutral. The wisdom of both is a proposition of taking appreciatively all views.

It respects all views because partialities are a non-issue. The heart is at peace. And a person has no reason to bend their integrity into the shape of coercion.

When we employ the wisdom of both most people look at us as if we’re nuts. Fun, isn’t it? likewise, the wisdom of neither takes the option of bowing out as a conscientious objector, which is every bit as active as non-violent resistance. Neither enjoys the option of opting out in an age where the vocal minority seem everywhere (on social media at least).

But the wisdom of neither transcends merely staying quiet on social media. It treats having a view as a distraction to other, more important matters of life. What a masterstroke it is when we choose one of these two options in any and all situations, agreeing to support the ethic on both sides or to completely withdraw all mental and emotional investment.

In a contentious world, what kingdom wisdom there is in choosing neither or both sides.

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