What I’Ve Come To Know About My Purpose & Loyalty

I knew i wanted better. I knew there was more to life than this. I knew i needed better so throughout the process of moving forward toward a brighter future, i had to let some people down and disappoint them in their expectations of me to endure and continue to suffer.

At the time, i felt it was the best decision for my life. I felt a new sense of freedom even through all the adversity, trauma and pain of disconnecting myself felt like torture. This process of removing toxic people out of my life birthed a journey toward me knowing thy self (myself).

I knew there was more to my life. I’ve seen it in other people’s lives. I started to seek the things that would make me a better woman.

In my seeking of going to a higher level of myself, i realize that the answers will always come to come or they have already been there, i just was looking through new eyes now. So my perspective changed, my mind was growing, my heart was expanding. My loyalty still exists but i realize i am more important than my loyalty.

Today, as i look back on my life in my 30’s, i see so much more infinite and divine power that i have and that we as women (and really all of us) have and many of us do not fully possess that power or even use it. Some of us abuse the power. I now see that we have the power of love, the power of peace, the power of our minds, the power of forgiveness, the power of our words.

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These are our weapons. It wasn’t until i was on the journey seeking that i realized this divine power. Today, with the power that i am now aware of, i am able to spread this wisdom with friends, family and those who i do not personally know through my ministry online.

So i can say now, that it was all worth it. The pain, the process, the failure, the rejection, the denial, the lessons, the love that i know of today, made all of this a purpose fulfilled. And i embrace the continuous journey.

I hope you do the same. What i’ve come to know about my purpose & loyalty. We can control the way our lives play out.

That is one of the greatest lessons i have learned through this process.

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