What’S Stopping You? Getting Rid Of The Barriers

Often people tell me of unfulfilled dreams that they wish could have been realized. My first response is that it is never too late to chase a goal. Insecure – people who are afraid rarely start anything because they figure that they will fail.

In fact, they are defeated before they even get to the starting blocks. Old messages from childhood can interfere with their confidence and immobilize their actions. Take time to gain knowledge.

Soon you will be ready to take a step forward. 2. Overwhelmed – sometimes life seems too difficult and instead of taking action, people freeze.

A project can seem to be so big that there is no end in sight. Start by breaking the task down into small, manageable pieces. Do you want to downsize? try removing one item from the house every day.

In thirty days you have removed thirty items. After a year there will be three hundred and sixty-five less things in your surroundings. 3.

Lazy – those who focus on luxuriating, live with negative consequences in the long-run. When you neglect your career, family, friends and home, you will lose your support and security over time. Begin by making a list of all the things that you value and beside each write at least one thing that you need to do this week to protect them.

4. Hurting – every person on earth has had at least one deep hurt in life. Some people give up and become victims who are not willing to do anything positive to heal to move forward.

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Others use their pain to help other people. I have heard some people say that time heals. I really don’t believe that.

Some people hold onto their trauma for decades and never let go! get professional help when you are stuck! 5. Procrastinating – do you have great ideas that you never germinate? are you the person who has advise for other people that you never follow yourself? you likely know the answers to the situation that you are facing but tend to put off enacting them. No one will do the work for you, so it is time to get started.

6. Committed – do you have a goal and a plan to help you achieve it? are you willing to try even if you don’t succeed at first? would you be willing to study in order to learn strategies that will bring good results? who do you know who would be willing to encourage and teach you? here’s the good news. No matter where you fall on the list, you can change and soon you will be able to replace your regret with success!.

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