Why We Never Need To Be Good Enough

Preaching a message recently on jesus being the author of gender equality reinforced an idea: i will never be good enough to preach such a message. You see, i will always be a man. I will always see from an unbalanced viewpoint – either too much for women or too much against, or just unable to see properly from a woman’s viewpoint.

Of course, this is okay. And the women who heard the message were encouraged. It is enough.

Though i am tempted to think it isn’t enough. It is a time to remember. Good enough is knowing i never need to be good enough.

That jesus was enough for all eternity for all who are not good enough. There are so many things at which, and situations where, i am not good enough. There are times and situations where we would all like to be more.

But we must accept we are not. It is a good reminder that in many different ways i never need to be good enough – in other words, i don’t need to rise to the standard my perfectionistic pride would set for myself. It is only ever the shadow of myself – the one who is ashamed that i’m not perfect – that asserts himself.

I am more than that shadow. I am the redeemed new creation in christ jesus. And so are you.

Why is this liberating concept a concept of the grace found only in the gospel? well, let me present an eternally assuring truth for which i am ever thankful – here it is: at times when i don’t feel i’m enough, i defer to what jesus did, and i know that, in him, i’m always enough.

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