Your Personal Wonderland

Most people have been fascinated by the work of walt disney who repeatedly turned the impossible into possible over the years. He not only developed disneyland and disneyworld which are clean playgrounds for families but also created many fictional characters in the movies that he produced. One of my favourites is “alice in wonderland”.

Many of the characters probably resemble some real-life individuals you have met. If you were asked which of the alice in wonderland characters that you most resemble how would you respond? are you the naïve and fantasy-chasing alice, the rabbit who is known for always being late, the mad hatter or drug-using caterpillar? perhaps you are a trickster like the cheshire cat or a card who blames others and then laughs at their misfortune. Are you the likable king who takes a backstage role or the abusive queen? who is in your wonderland? just wondering.

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